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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ted Glick | Climate: Time Is Short

Ted Glick | Climate: Time Is Short:

We need to do more. We as a country need to lead the world on this issue. We need to provide an example in action that we get it. We need to operate as if we were on a war footing, a nonviolent war against anything that prevents the rapid and urgent unfolding of a clean energy revolution.

Can we actually reverse course and undertake the social and economic transformations in enough time? Yes, we can make the necessary transformations. How do we know this? Because we've done it before! In his book, 'Plan B 2.0,' author and visionary Lester Brown looks at what happened in the United States right after the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack:

George McGovern: Cheney is wrong about me, wrong about war - Los Angeles Times

George McGovern: Cheney is wrong about me, wrong about war - Los Angeles Times:

George McGovern: Cheney is wrong about me, wrong about war

The 1972 presidential nominee strikes back at the vice president for comparing today's Democrats to the McGovern platform.
By George S. McGovern, GEORGE S. MCGOVERN, a former U.S. senator from South Dakota, was the Democratic nominee for president in 1972.
April 24, 2007

VICE PRESIDENT Dick Cheney recently attacked my 1972 presidential platform and contended that today's Democratic Party has reverted to the views I advocated in 1972. In a sense, this is a compliment, both to me and the Democratic Party. Cheney intended no such compliment. Instead, he twisted my views and those of my party beyond recognition. The city where the vice president spoke, Chicago, is sometimes dubbed 'the Windy City.' Cheney converted the chilly wind of Chicago into hot air.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Frank Davies | Hard Choices, Sacrifices Ahead on Global Warming

Frank Davies | Hard Choices, Sacrifices Ahead on Global Warming:

"Climate change is now a central part of pop culture, from Oscar-winner Al Gore's ongoing crusade to Vanity Fair's current 'green issue,' with Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover, and Newsweek's 'save the planet' issue featuring Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger balancing the earth on his finger.

But there's something missing from much of the clamor for action: a recognition that sacrifices and hard choices lie ahead if the United States and other major emitters are going to seriously reduce the amount of carbon dioxide spewing into the atmosphere."

Saturday, April 21, 2007

AlterNet: EnviroHealth: Climate Change: Why We Can't Wait

AlterNet: EnviroHealth: Climate Change: Why We Can't Wait: "The Energy Department says that we're going to continue to put more and more CO2 in the atmosphere each year -- not just additional CO2 but more than we put in the year before.

If we do follow that path, even for another ten years, it guarantees that we will have dramatic climate changes that produce what I would call a different planet -- one without sea ice in the Arctic; with worldwide, repeated coastal tragedies associated with storms and a continuously rising sea level; and with regional disruptions due to freshwater shortages and shifting climatic zones."

Friday, April 20, 2007

State of Denial: The Bush Administration and Global Warming

State of Denial: The Bush Administration and Global Warming:

"Great powers rise and fall in association with specific energy sources. Rome’s greatness was predicated on slave power, Holland’s preeminence depended on wind and waterpower; Britain’s global rule was fueled by coal; and America’s hegemony depends upon petroleum. History shows, however, that sooner or later new energy sources emerge and great powers must adapt to them or they will be hobbled by their reliance on the older, more costly, and less efficient forms of energy they are accustomed to.

"Global warming is not a phantom menace (like Saddam’s WMD). Nor will the solutions to global warming derail the American economy. The idea that global warming is a hoax, or that we can’t do anything about it without undermining America’s economy, is sophistry spouted by those with a vested interest in the status quo."

Monday, April 16, 2007

AlterNet: Climate Change Day of Action a Success!

AlterNet: Climate Change Day of Action a Success!:

"A spirit of collaboration marked this whole event. Big enviro groups -- National Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, many, many others -- dropped all their organizational walls and joined together with each other and with the smallest groups around the country to help make Saturday a huge success."

Global warming may put U.S. in hot water - Yahoo! News

Global warming may put U.S. in hot water - Yahoo! News: "At home, especially in the Southwest, regions will need to find new sources of drinking water, the Great Lakes will shrink, fish and other species will be left high and dry, and coastal areas will on occasion be inundated because of sea-level rises and souped-up storms, U.S. scientists said."

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Summary of climate impact scenarios - Climate Change - MSNBC.com

Summary of climate impact scenarios - Climate Change - MSNBC.com: "IPCC Summary of Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
Scientists and government delegates to the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on April 6, 2007, approved a summary for policymakers. Click a region for their take on what could happen in those areas over the next century.

Toby Barlow: Financially Speaking, the End of the World Doesn't Make Sense - Yahoo! News

Toby Barlow: Financially Speaking, the End of the World Doesn't Make Sense - Yahoo! News: "we should do is get our government to tax the coal utilities what we think is fair to compensate for the extreme environmental damage they are causing, and apply those funds raised to subsidies for solar installation and research. It's that simple. Level the playing field to bring greater benefit to the planet. Yes, a tax like that would raise energy rates, but that would lead to a greater demand for conservation. Write you congressman, help make it happen. Then even the shortsighted people like Mr. Darlin will have to embrace solar. Even in New Jersey."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Panel: US faces change as climate warms - Yahoo! News

Panel: US faces change as climate warms - Yahoo! News: "He said the findings underline that the best way to reduce the effects of global warming is 'deep and decisive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to avoid dangerous climate change in the first place.'

The panel warned that shifts in rainfall patterns, melting glaciers, rising temperatures, increased demand and reduced supplies of water in some places are likely to increase tensions between users — industry, agriculture and a growing population.

'Heavily-utilized water systems of the western U.S. and Canada, such as the Columbia River, that rely on capturing snowmelt runoff, will be especially vulnerable,' the report said."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There is climate change censorship - and it's the deniers who dish it out | Columnists | Guardian Unlimited

There is climate change censorship - and it's the deniers who dish it out | Columnists | Guardian Unlimited

The report released on Friday, for example, was shorn of the warning that "North America is expected to experience locally severe economic damage, plus substantial ecosystem, social and cultural disruption from climate change related events".

This is the opposite of the story endlessly repeated in the rightwing press: that the IPCC, in collusion with governments, is conspiring to exaggerate the science. No one explains why governments should seek to amplify their own failures. In the wacky world of the climate conspiracists no explanations are required. The world's most conservative scientific body has somehow been transformed into a conspiracy of screaming demagogues.

Step It Up 2007�:�About

Step It Up 2007�:April 14

From Bill McKibben

This is an invitation to help start a movement--to take one spring day and use it to reshape the future. Those of us who know that climate change is the greatest threat civilization now faces have science on our side; we have economists and policy specialists, courageous mayors and governors, engineers with cool new technology.

Please join United for Peace and Justice, and many UFPJ member groups including Peace Action, CODEPINK, Global Exchange, Climate Crisis Coalition, and others by participating in local actions on April 14th to say NO WAR, NO WARMING! Send the message "Fight Climate Change, Not Wars for Oil."

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Southwest May Get Even Hotter, Drier

Southwest May Get Even Hotter, Drier: " Global warming will permanently change the climate of the American Southwest, making it so much hotter and drier that Dust Bowl-scale droughts will become common, a new climate report concludes.

Much of the nation west of the Mississippi River is likely to get drier because of the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but the greatest effect will be felt in already arid areas on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. By the end of the century, the climate researchers predict, annual rainfall in that region will have decline by a worrisome 10 to 20 percent."

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

World Carfree Network

World Carfree Network:

"With the theme 'Building a Livable Future in a Changing Climate', this year's conference will be held at Istanbul's Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts from August 27-31. Registration is now open, with an early registration discount available until March 31. We've also put out a call for programme proposals, with a deadline of April 30. Join us in Istanbul, experience the city's magical charm, and help make this year's conference our best ever.
more info >>"

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