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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Those Who Control Oil and Water Will Control the World | Environment | AlterNet

The scramble for energy is shaping many of the conflicts we can expect in the present century. The danger is not just another oil shock that impacts on industrial production, but a threat of famine. Without a drip feed of petroleum to highly mechanised farms, many of the food shelves in the supermarkets would be empty.
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Take note of a very pertinent comment:

TS Eliot where are you?

Posted by: talkville on Apr 7, 2008 2:47 AM
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"There is no alternative to continuing growth..." What can this mean??

The assaults on Latin America, once again beginning; the assault on Africa, never really ended. The US led IMF WTO assault on just about every majority-world country in raiding state assets and resources and privatizing them all (which include land, water, air-space, and mineral holdings) in this rapidly progressing Wasteland called Earth simply cannot either ecologically, economically or humanly continue under this thoroughly ideologized blob-word called 'growth'. Alternatives exist, just as several different meanings and senses are available when referring to 'growth'; and lest we forget: sometimes allowing the atrophy of certain things and ways of thinking can do marvels for saner 'games' as well as for sanity. [my emphasis added]

Let's not forget: The Club for Growth is a VERY exclusive one.


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