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Monday, March 31, 2008

The God of Consumption = Irrevesible Climate Change

The question is often asked these days if humanity will be able to get its act together to formulate an effective response to climate change.

The transition must be one not only from a fossil-fuel based economy but also from an overconsumption-driven economy.

The end-goal must be adoption of a low-consumption, low-growth, high-equity development model that results in an improvement in people's welfare, a better quality of life for all, and greater democratic control of production.

more from Radical Left :: Capitalist Fundamentalism; The God of Consumption

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a good read. Please look at the graph. It shows that we've actually cooled since 1983. Climate change my eye.

3:48 PM  
Blogger HL said...

A good read maybe but more of the pointy heads trying to make a point about specifics. I have yet to see anyone integrate all the pieces except for the GCM crowd who is bad-mouthed by the outsiders who still want to get paid for sifting through the data to find anomalies that don't fit their theory of the future.

btw, I typically don't pay a bit of attention to an anonymous whomever

5:28 PM  

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