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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Prof says politicians blinkered on peak oil | Straight.com

News Features | Prof says politicians blinkered on peak oil | Straight.com:

"Everyone is afraid of it [peak oil], but it might end up having good effects,' Rees said. 'What we have long needed are much more realistic energy prices that tell the truth about environmental damage. If we were paying the full social cost of automobile fuel–if we had a carbon tax that raised the price of gasoline to the real cost of using it–it would probably cost us $5 a litre.'"

$5 a litre would be like $20 per gallon. In other words a 100 mile trip in a SUV would cost about 99 bucks on a good day. Even at 40mph (hybrid) it would be a 50 dollar bill, ouch. Time to ride a bicycle to the local bar and forget about aunt Margaret's bake sale.


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