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Saturday, October 27, 2007

God's on our side so it's okay to lie

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Explosive charge blows up in US's face:

"The record also shows that the US command had considerable evidence that the Mahdi Army of Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr had received the technology and the training on how to use it from Hezbollah, rather than Iran.

The command, operating under close White House supervision, chose to deny these facts in making the dramatic accusation that became the main rationale for the present aggressive US stance toward Iran. Although the George W Bush administration initially limited the accusation to the Quds Force, it has recently begun to assert that top officials of the Iranian regime are responsible for arms that are killing US troops. "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AxisofLogic/ U.S. Military:

"The following article provides another example of the deepening pathology behind the wars in the Middle East. I personally come from an immediate family of 'born again christians' who are intent on war to hasten the arrival of Christ in the second coming and armaggedon. Christian Zionism in support of the State of Israel is the centerpiece of their ideology. With grandchildren proudly serving in the U.S. military, my radical christian family members support recruitment of young men and women for training to kill other human beings - all in the name of Jesus."

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