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Saturday, October 27, 2007

IOL: Grim UN report highlights climate issues

IOL: Grim UN report highlights climate issues:
"The 570-page report - which caps a year that saw climate change dominate the news - says world leaders must propel the environment 'to the core of decision-making' to tackle a daily worsening crisis

'The need couldn't be more urgent and the time couldn't be more opportune, with our enhanced understanding of the challenges we face, to act now to safeguard our own survival and that of future generations,' GEO-4 said."

Earth has experienced five mass extinctions in 450 million years, the latest of which occurred 65 million years ago, says GEO-4.

"A sixth major extinction is under way, this time caused by human behaviour," it says.

Over the past two decades, growing prosperity has tremendously strengthened the capacity to understand and confront the environmental challenges ahead.

Despite this, the global response has been "woefully inadequate", the report said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


"One good way to find these hidden black swans is to sniff out bad assumptions -- particularly those that are only held aloft by boundless optimism, despite growing evidence that they've gone bad. For example, there is a widely embraced assumption that we will always be able to produce enough oil/gas at a reasonable price to meet global needs."

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