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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kelpie Wilson | "The 11th Hour" and Generation Z

Kelpie Wilson | "The 11th Hour" and Generation Z:

"If 'The 11th Hour' is not a complete story, it is deliberate, because the intent is to involve and motivate the viewer as an actor in the ultimate story - a story to be written by the current generation. Throughout the film, DiCaprio as narrator returns to the idea that his generation will be the 'pivotal generation' that 'will heal industrial civilization.'"

"The idea of being a pixel in the larger collective vision is appealing. And as more people join to create the vision, more will be motivated to join.

One example of how this is happening is that DiCaprio's film is not unique. A few weeks ago, I received a review copy of a new film called "What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire," by VisionQuest Pictures. This film carries an endorsement from Daniel Quinn, author of the prophetic eco-novel, "Ishmael": "The two hours of the documentary are two hours that bring hope for the future of humanity by awakening and informing in the most profound yet lucid way imaginable."


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