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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

U.S. Climate Emergency Council - No Time for Activism As Usual

U.S. Climate Emergency Council - No Time for Activism As Usual:

"Future Hope column, August 6, 2007 No Time for Activism as Usual By Ted Glick “The Weather Makers,” a book by Tim Flannery, is one of the best sources for those who want to understand the global heating process that is seriously destabilizing the world’s climate. In it, Flannery explains the three main ‘tipping points’ “that scientists are aware of for Earth’s climate: a slowing or collapse of the Gulf Stream; the demise of the Amazon rainforests; and the release of gas hydrates from the sea floor. . . There is some geological evidence for all having happened in Earth’s history. . . Given the current rate and direction of change, one, two or perhaps all three may take place this century.

"Mahatma Gandhi, probably the greatest nonviolent revolutionary of the 20th century, once said that, “Fasting is the sincerest form of prayer.” Beginning now, deepening on September 4th and for some of us for weeks afterward, let us pray and act not just for future generations but for those living right now."

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