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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What is wrong with overconsumption?

Think Progress � Kmart promotes abstinence pants.

It looks like a good way to promote the purchase of another unneeded piece of clothing so that misguided parents can feel good about themselves when their teenagers beg for one more new pair of sweatpants.

This is just another example of how ludicrous the overconsumption economic model the contemporary world is hooked on really is. The use of young women's bodies to sell products is ever present, this example just happens to be a case where the pornographers are caught with their pants up. At least when mommy and daddy are looking.

If we are lucky, maybe it will inform some young people of the hypocrisy although any product with a product name or a slogan falls in the same category in my opinion, the difference only lies in what offends the beholder.

On the other hand, maybe the "outraged" should have been looking on the other side of the street to see this announcement Carbon neutral underpants | Cleantech.com if they really understood how stupid this whole thing is and wanted to make constructive comments on the whole fashion industry.

One more disturbing piece of evidence from AlterNet, Too Much Stuff! America's New Love Affair With Self-Storage: Overconsumption is overconsumption pure and simple and it is part of an economic model that spells doom for the planet. I don't know whether to laugh or cry wolf.

Well maybe it would be better to go here and watch the video from "Worker of world, RELAX" explaining the danger of a work ethic that fill garages with junk and why efficiency never works.

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