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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Energy Solution That Dare Not Speak Its Name - Yahoo! News

The Energy Solution That Dare Not Speak Its Name - Yahoo! News: "So there you have it. There we sit like sitting ducks in the sights of the oil industry both foreign and domestic, our national security at risk, our environment in danger and our economy held hostage to ongoing supplies of oil without which, were there to be a major disruption, we would be exposed to severe bouts of inflation, ever higher interest rates, unemployment and deep recession. We are in their thrall and we have to pay their rent for years and years to come, Right? Well, wrong!

The one thing the oil patch and their allies fear is something they deem us incapable of achieving. Seriously curtailing demand for gasoline! Were we to take demand in hand as a national mission and to sharply reduce our gasoline consumption we would almost certainly:

- Collapse the price of oil"


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