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Saturday, November 11, 2006


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saturday, January 28, 2006
Who Cares about Polar Bears

Gravy Train They Call New Orleans

“Brownie, you’re doing a heckova job.”

a quote of a misinformed citizen

Scientists have measured the gulf stream
“30% less heat going north”
It sounds like an Ice Age warning
In amongst global warming talks
My guess: “War is great” propaganda
Black is white confusion
Sent out to confound the critics
“God is good” religious pomposity
Decorating Joshua’s horns
Emperors take personally
When the facts twist in an ocean gyre

But no. It is true, and it is good
The re-frozen north will bring in tourism
Canadians will move to the Gulf Coast
New Orleans welcomes Montrealeans
Real estate booming
Magnolias blooming
Euros-for-oil trades on Craig’s List
Moves Washington DC to Texas
A miraculous mutation
An evolution of Intelligent Design
Foreseen in Revelation
“And every island fled away,
and no mountains were to be found.
... see the smoke of her burning.”

Death and fire to the nonbelievers
First it gets warm then we are saved
Which means that “ice is hot”
Bring it on.
I am so glad I got that straight!

My Dobson was a bit down,
but now I’m fine:
Soaring like a Jet Stream
God fart gone south
Where winter in not hell
and success is a Bush speaking.

It all seems so simple now
Science is green with envy,
and for once on a blue moon
NASA is making weightless space
a place to be.

Be a star
Rise to Vega’s heights
Where winners believe in magic.
Listen to Nobel Pinter say,
“You don't need to think.
Just lie back on the cushion.”
America knows what is good

What’s good for America is right for you.
False is true. Good for you.
WMDs are real
We have them. We use them.
What’s the big deal.
Our carbon is gold
Stored in Mesopotamia
Where the good god Dollar rules
Our sheikdom fools

Don’t question the truth
It is not scientific to assume
The might of right
Just join the fight
and fight and fight and fight
When polar bears die
They never know why!

Too bad you’re dead,
The official spokesman said.

Inspired by:

The Nobel lecture: Art, truth and politics by Harold Pinter

Iraq war debate enters new phase

A self-described conservative, Bacevich argues that Americans have fallen prey to a "military metaphysic." By that he means all international problems are seen as military problems and the likelihood for finding a solution except through military means is discounted.

Polar bears living on thin ice after record temperatures

John Vidal, environment editor
Friday December 16, 2005

11:33 AM  

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